Nitiro 200 depending on model and spec.

£5900 - £6400

​Air Conception

From £5376. depending on engine choice 

Bailey v5/ Hornet Chassis

4 stroke v5 all purpose engine or

2 stroke twin Hornet engine for the heavier pilot or racing pilot.  Very light also ideal for tandem.


Parajet v3

V3 Volution replaces v2 . much lighter construction with the ruggedness of the old model.  Universal engine mounting allows a multitude of different engines.

Improved centre of mass closer to thrust line and bringing  engine closer to pilot, coupled with improved arms give a much better feel to flying. 


​Please call for advice. All machines are suited too different people and there intended use.  Alex 07957870837


Air Conception

Maverick Moster 

The lightest in the range for the pilot that wants simplicity and light weight.​  ​£5600