We train from flat fields, because of this we are teaching you to fly along the ground before you venture into the air. 

First of all, you will be learning to kite the canopy overhead, this is with a light harness.

We then hand tow you before moving you onto the winch which used to teach you to run and float along the ground.

When sufficient control is achieved you will start to get your feet off the ground gradually floating you up to heights that you can learn to land from.

The motor is then introduced whereby you will learn how to push yourself along leading to your first flights.

Once flying you will carry on learning to take off, flying and landing skills. Then you will be taken cross country learning navigation and more general piloting skills.

Alongside the physical experience, you will be given general Paramotor aviation knowledge to back up everything you are learning.

If trike training you will follow a similar path but finishing on a trike.

We embrace the APPI and BHPA training systems.

If you are starting out you may want to follow the APPI system or if already Paragliding with the BHPA you may wish to upgrade your BHPA to include Paramotoring.

Once you have finished the  course you can sit the  exam for either.