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We sell these Paramotor and Paraglider products 

 Bailey  Paramotor. Bailey aviation. Bailey v5, 

 Parajet  Paramotor. Maverick, Parajet Zenith.  Parajet v3. Thor 130. Thor 190,Thor 200, as used by Bear Grylls training 

 Air Conception Paramotor ultra 130. Ultimate 130, Nitro200,​ Tornado 250 

 Dudek Paragliders, Universal 1.1, Solo, VKing ES,   Nucleon xx, Snake xx.

 Ozone Paragliders,  Mojo Power, Roaster, Speedster, Freeride 

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We have followed the sport socially and competed against the best in Europe.

We have been  running the lemmings Paramotor Club for many years organising trips, fly ins and holidays abroad.The school and shop was  set up to........

Once we can travel again please keep an 

eye for trips in England and abroad




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Paramotor Training in the Uk all year round

Trial lesson £97

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We are always available for training depending on  our very variable English weather, but train through the winter. We follow a syllabus so that all elements are covered in a systematic way.


Supplier of Major Paramotor equipment to give you the safest and most reliable Flying experience.  If you are not mechanically minded we can provide  servicing and technical set up.



Unfortunately, no events organised at the moment.  We will keep you posted

Trike training. 

   We are now open. 

Please call for details. 

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